Raul Meel / Awards

Selected awards:


4th Prize and 3rd Prize at the Cracow Print Biennial (Poland), 1972;


2nd Prize at the Frechen Print Biennial (West-Germany), 1974;


art critics’ award at the exhibition World Art Competition: New Talents and Ideas (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), 1979;


Reklamteknik AB Annual Art Award (Sweden), 1989;


Eduard Viiralt Award (Estonia), 1989;


Kristjan Raud Art Award (Estonia), 1989;


„Taeva all“ P/CM0 [“Under the Sky” P/CMo] – South Korea´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs´ award at the exhibition Modern Masters of World Art (Soul,
South Korea), 1993;


cultural award of the Estonian Republic, 1995 and 1998;


2nd Prize at the X Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art, Kaliningrad-Königsberg (Russia), 2011;


Estonian Culture Capital for the Visual and Applied Arts Foundation – Lifetime Achievement Award, 2015;


Estonian Culture Prize for Lifetime Achievement, 2015;


Gold Medal / Lifetime Achievement Award at Biennale Internationale Di Carta/Papermade (Schio, Vicenza, Italy), 2015;


Grand Prix, Baltic Book Art Biennale (Sankt Peterburg, Russia), 2018.


In addition more than thirty prize-winnings with less significance.

Raul Meel, photo by Jaak Kikas