Curriculum Vitae

Raul Meel, photo by Jaak Kikas

Estonian artist Raul Meel was born on 2 March 1941 at Reino farm in Jalase village in Harju County. Married to a writer Mari Saat (Meel).

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Painter and graphic artist, sculptor, installation and fire-performance artist, prose writer and visual and sound poet. Beekeeper.

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He was a persona non grata in art during the Soviet era, although still known beyond the Iron Curtain. During the heyday of graphic art (1962–1980), he was the only Estonian artist who was a member of the International Club of the Prize Winners of the International Print Biennials.

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Member of Estonian Artists´ Association.


Cultural award of the Estonian Republic 1995 and 1998;

Estonian Culture Prize for lifetime Achievement in 2015;

Estonian Culture Capital for the Visual and Applied Arts Foundation – Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

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Altogether more than 600 general and group-exhibitions, and more than 100 solo exhibitions and 26 fire-performances.

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Raul Meel has dedicated much attention to the materiality of language – to its shapes, proportions and rhythms. He has published 250 concrete poetry, visual poetry and sound poetry books and more than 50 albums in different languages.

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Raul Meel is a member of Estonian Authors’ Society. If you wish to use the works click here for information.