Graphics / Mixed techniques

Raul Meel, Individually, 1976

Raul Meel, Hegemonically, 1976

Raul Meel, Individually (or: Individualistically) and Hegemonically, serigraphy, relief printing, 1976


“In spring 1977 I managed to send two prints through Poland to the Ljubljana Print Biennial: “Individually” and “Hegemonically” (76×52 cm, coloured serigraphy, relief print, 1976). There were 1064 works of 428 artists from 57 countries. International art critics valued the works very highly – graphic art was still prestigious. The participants included a large number of world-famous artists…

The Polish art magazine “projekt”, 5’77 /120 published 22 pictures from 22 artists: Victor Pasmore, Sol Lewitt, Tetsuya Noda, Thomas Bayrle, Arika Matsumoto, Vjenceslav Richter, Dora Maurer, Raul Meel, Ireneusz Pierzgalski, Edward Rusha, Janez Bernik, Boris Jesih, Kosuke Kimura, Tommy Wiberg, Monirul Islam (Bangladesh), Artur Luiz Piza (Brasiilia), Raimo Kanerva, Barbera Alberto (Mehhiko), Lojze Spacal (Itaalia), Mersad Berber, Domenick Capobianco.”
Raul Meel, “Conspectus of the Past”

Raul Meel, Embrace, serigraphy, body art, 1988 (folder printed in Sweden, 1989)


“The cultural magazine Vikerkaar (Rainbow´; the Russian edition Raduga; no 9/1988) published an essay by Sirje Helme, “Raul Meel on Arcadian Road”. The front and back cover presented a picture of my most recent series “Embraces” (about 120 pictures, a 65×50 cm, 1988, serigraphy, body art). On the pictures, arms soaked in blood, familiar or strange, in fact mine, are trying to keep golden images of Estonia from slipping to the ground. These pictures enraged the Russian chauvinists to the point where they demanded the author be lynched. I donated 50 pictures (all originals) to the Estonian Heritage Board…
My personal exhibition at the “GKM” gallery in Malmö, Sweden in 1989 (September-October) was of great importance to my career as an artist. With the help of gallery owner Sivert Bergström I made 21 acrylic paintings for that exhibition during a period of a month and a half in Sweden (the majority with the series name “Enchantment and Spirit”) and edition prints of screen prints (10 works from the series “Windows and Landscapes”, a 6-sheet print folder “Embrace”)…
An extensive exhibition of Estonian graphic art took place from 20 April to 26 May in 1991 in La Louvier, Belgium. 28 artists presented 255 works. I had 55 prints “Windows and Landscapes”. The high-quality catalogue compiled by Tamara Luuk presented my works “Embraces” on the front and back cover”

Raul Meel, “Conspectus of the Past”